Does mask wearing lead to evolution !

After the cause of pandemic disease Corona virus, people from all over the world had started wearing mask.

Earlier times Bedouin people in Arabic areas , their costume is in such a way that they had to cover their whole body except eyes… Mouth and nose was also covered inorder to protect from the dust of the desert regions…

Women in rich culture of bedouin

People living in artic regions too had costumes covering their whole body to protect from extreme cold climate..

Clothing in artic region…

As the density of population increases, and due to the variations occuring in the environment i.e, of the pollution ,people wear mask to protect themselves from harmness.

This is an indication that people after a long time too may have the chance of wearing mask and it may become part of their daily costume.

Thus from prehistoric time onwards costumes have been transformed from the least to the highest ( present) type.

Transformation of costumes till wearing facemask…

This is the reason why I raised the question ..” Does mask wearing lead to evolution ..? “

Kindly Comment your opinion about the subject…

Thank you for reading .. Have a nice day!


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