Time slip is the clear recall of trivial events, which occurred many years earlier, and the re-experience of the events, including the feelings that were experienced, as if they were occurring in the present.

Not only timeslip ,nowdays people all over the world tend of taking negative decisions more than postive decisions.why?

Is that because of the selfishness?grabby? Is this the sign towards the end of the world?

I am not sure about it .

But know for sure that ‘this is not for mankind’.

Timeslip is meant when at that instant the real world gets interact with the souls that left the world once.

I assure that we are in control of some hands that lead us and this shows vast variety change in many fields like climate, lifestyle, behaviour in men and animals. Also it keeps us in a mystic world than real world.so it’s for sure that we are in some mystic hands. Let me tell you, this might also be thought of my timeslip..

Is the world out of control by God(postive) and is controlled by the evil(negative)?

She is the one! This is what woman is!

Hi 👋

Long time no see…

Many of you are aware about the Russian- ukraine war which is aggressively happening currently.

What I am going to tell you are the great and sharp words of a Ukrainian woman against the Russian soldier.

Instead of being afraid of her life she showed her courage in asking the rightful and mean thing.

The woman who came against the Russian soldier questioned him,where he came from. When the soldier responded that he was from Russia, the woman told him firmly with a strong intention that he is an immigrant and handed him some 🌻 sunflower seeds and asked him to keep it in his pocket so that when he is dead and his corpse gets dissolve in the soil the sunflower seed would bloom someday.

This flower would symbolise peace and love for the future who turn for war..💓🕊️

The pyramid of learning needs

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” dr. Wayne Dyer Deeper learning instructional practices, such as using student-centered and self-directed learning methods, encouraging collaboration, and incorporating real-world projects, interviews, case studies and explorations, result in prolific learning when students are ready to drive their own learning. To […]

The pyramid of learning needs
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