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I am…

I am a breeze, rustling through the Autumn leaves. Crisp clean air that revitalizes the land. I am a ray of sunshine, blanketing the Earth with my warmth. Providing the light for all life. I am the rain, washing the dust of the day away. Breathing new life into everything I touch. I am a […]

I am…

Self Behaviour Equalizatiom

It’s always hard to find someone good to you right?

On what aspect are we deciding that they are good or nice to you.?

By their behaviour towards you?

Literally speaking,yes, right? We judge people around us by their behaviour towards us.

But we know that we make them comfort towards us according to our own perspectives.

When they comes in connected with our thoughts and behaviour we equalise them , irrespective of their, gender, caste or religion.

Then at the very next moment ownwards we will not be able to think twice on them when we reach that level. But this is what brings the hidden danger.

Suppose, when we talk somthing and get connected, why can’t you think like, it maybe a coincidence? 🤔 Nah…

In this busy world, blaming others for unfaith and cheating, we people are not aware of those first-step forward things.

This is what happens in every industries too. Like,take the example of a manager and a staff. He will not be always comfortable in all the staffs working under him. He will be, only when is in comfort with the other ones support on whatever doings and his self behaviour.

It’s psychologically the shortcut method of the brain to escape from the other complex thoughts or to simplice them. When brain cannot get adjusted or accept the related things, it usually ignore the reality to get adjusted with that.

One when comes in connect with his self behaviour towards the other, they theirself comes to the very contradicted conclusion that they are Equalized persons.

But very sadly, later that may change becoz of the allels and situations and you and there you will not be able to adjust or digest them.

So.. apart from being in an fantasy world of leveling people on your own perspectives,.. by letting your emotions apart, always be brave enough to choose people . Coz ones it’s done, it’s done. That minute mistake change your whole life.

Always be keen on every situation around you..

Wishing you a another beautiful day of smartwork….


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Coconut Flour Bread | Just Like White Sandwich Bread